A complete mobile kit for decontamination/emergency first aid following a chemical splash. For internal areas but can be moved outside for short periods - eg chemical Off-loading tasks. Mobile cabinet with door for dust protection containing: 1 x DAPD - Portable Shower (5l) 2 x LPMD - Mural Eye wash bottle (500ml) 1 x LOA - Afterwash II (200ml) 1 x MINI DAP - Skin Spray (200ml) The DAPD makes it possible to decontaminate one person from head to toe. Each LPMD bottle is sufficient to decontaminate 1 eye. The MINI DAP skin spray is sufficient to decontaminate 9% TBSA eg thigh, half a torso. The LOA Afterwash can be used to relieve any dry eye symptoms after the decontamination has been completed