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Our aim is to provide scientifically proven decontamination solutions to reduce the damaging effects of a chemical splash. Through our efforts and those of our partners, we offer protection from chemical damage to mankind and the environment. We promote the Diphoterine® solution, the Hexafluorine® solution for tissue contamination and Trivorex® chemical spill neutralizer for the environment

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Diphoterine® solution is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against corrosive and irritant chemicals.
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Hexafluorine® is a unique solution for the emergency first aid decontamination of the skin and eyes following a splash of Hydrofluoric Acid* or its derivatives.
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Environment Spills

Faced with accidental chemicals spills as varied as corrosives, flammables and dangerous substances for the environment.
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VideosPreventing Serious Chemical Harm

Diphoterine® – DAP

Diphoterine® – MINI

Diphoterine® – SIEW/LIS

Diphoterine® – LPM

Diphoterine® – MICRO

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