Our Environment Range

Our Environment range will help you absorb a spill and if necessary decontaminate the spills, regardless of the chemical, thereby protecting the employees from contamination and equipment from corrosion, leaving clean dry surfaces.


Absorbent is a polyvalent neutralising absorbent that allows the effective management of liquid chemical spills. This unique absorbent contains a pH indicator and neutralises both acids and bases and actively absorbs all types of liquid spills; oils, solvents, acids, bases, oxidisers and reducers.

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Polycaptor® provides a dry, non-slip floor and reduces the risk of falls in the workplace. It is an efficient absorbent is also effective against viscous liquids like solvents and hydrocarbons. Polycaptor® absorbs 3 times more than conventional mineral absorbents and is silica free.

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Safurex® is a liquid chemical decontaminant that actively works against all types of aqueous chemicals including corrosive acids and bases. Safurex® is pH indicated and will change colour once the contaminant has been neutralised.

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Le Vert®

Le Vert® is a non-sterile decontaminant ideal to secure a full clean down of surfaces, equipment and tools following a chemical leak or spill. It is the ideal complement to our range of chemical absorbents to ensure the full removal of chemicals to prevent any corrosion or cross-contamination.

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Basicaptal® Absorbent is a neutralising chemical absorbent powder containing pH indicators, a combination that effectively reduces the risks associated with the containment, removal and disposal of base (alkaline) spills.

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