About Us

With more than 20 years’ successful experience in Chemical Risk Prevention, Management and Chemical procedures; Innovection is Ireland’s leading provider of Chemical First Aid and Decontamination Products.During this time, we have obtained a wealth of knowledge of the risks posed by chemical accidents and the best practice to mitigate against them.

Innovection offers access to:

  • Over 60 years in the study of Chemical Risk and Toxicology
  • Extensive Academic research in Chemical Burns
  • Significant Medical experience in dealing with Chemical Burns

Innovation in Protection

With our advice, our clients can anticipate the hazards and reduce the risks of chemical contamination.

We want to partner with everyone who wants to diminish chemical risks by proposing new solutions to control dangers without reducing productivity or the advantage of scientific progress.

Our products change the way you address chemical burns. We want to be your partner in reducing chemical risk through innovative solutions which allow you to control chemical hazards without impacting your productivity or scientific processes.

Meet Our Team

Meabh Cullen – BA Env. Sc.

An honours graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Meabh began her working life in TCD before joining us at Innovection in early 2019. Having completed her training with Laboratoire Prevor, her role involves maintaining customer service, training and the promotion of Environmental Spill Control.

Tricia Bannon

Both left and right-hand man to many in the travel business and industry, which is where she crossed paths with Fergus in 2006. Tricia has steadily built her relationships with Innovection’s customers and products, after joining the company full time in 2016. She completed her training in Laboratoire Prevor which qualifies her to conduct site surveys and onsite training. Tricia looks after the administration of the office and the training schedules

Fergus Cullen

Worked in Architecture, Engineering (both for 10 years) and finally joined the Safety Industry in 1997, where he encountered Mr. Joel Blomet of Laboratoire Prevor. Realising the potential for the Diphoterine solution, he has worked tirelessly to promote its use both in industrial and medical environments.
In 2018 he studied at and attained from CNAM (Paris) – Certificate in Chemical Risk: From Physico Chemical to toxicology. Fergus has been the Irish representative on the EN 15154 Committee for Safety Showers and Eyewashes and is currently representing Ireland on the ISO TC for Laboratory Design

Prevor Chemical Decontamination Products
are extensively used in many areas:


A & E Departments, Burns Units, Laboratories

Emergency Services

Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade


Universities, Institutes of Technology


Foody, Pharmaceutical, Airmotive Repair and Fuelling Industry.

Product Range


Diphoterine® solution is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against corrosive and irritant chemicals.
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Hexafluorine® is a unique solution for the emergency first aid decontamination of the skin and eyes following a splash of Hydrofluoric Acid* or its derivatives.
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Environment Spills

Faced with accidental chemicals spills as varied as corrosives, flammables and dangerous substances for the environment.
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