This dispenser is designed for collective coverage in laboratory, production and chemical storage facilities.

It may also be used in Hospitals or other medical facilities. Usable within one minute after the chemical accident, Diphoterine® solution LPM eyewash (500 ml) stops the chemical spreading in the eyes. Can be used by a first aider or others.  It is recommended, to complete application, to use an Afterwash II afterwards to allow the eye to restore comfort.


  • Fixed and easily identifiable.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Allows quick action without assistance.
  • Gentle washing without pressure.
  • Autonomous system.
  • Sterile solution.
  • Easy control of the washing effectiveness: Use each single packaging in its entirety.
  • Easy and adaptable installation.
  • Watertight, in accordance with industrial hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Without special care and without special installation (no need for electricity or evacuation, pipe or valve,no more leakage problems…).
  • Conforms with European Standard EN 15154-4.
  • EC certification.