An Autonomous Portable Shower (5 litres – Diphoterine® solution) allows you to rinse and cleanse an entire body, within a minute of the chemical accident. A unique product, the DAP is mobile and can be easily moved by anyone to help a worker in need. It replaces a fixed shower which, by definition, cannot be moved and represents a constraint. The advantage over water is therefore significant in terms of time and mobility. The Diphoterine® Autonomous Portable Shower therefore allows rapid, complete, and safer rinsing.

The ideal product for all areas on site. Particularly useful for personnel working on Mezzanine floors, in isolated areas, or working in areas with restricted access.


  • Easily identifiable; the DAP shower is green with a bright orange collar
  • To be used like a fire extinguisher therefore no specific training required
  • Ready to use, facilitates quick action
  • Designed to be used by the injured person if needs be
  • Long hose allows a complete decontamination of the body
  • Fully portable. Enhances protection for the first aider as he/she will not be in direct contact with possible contaminated parts of the casualty
  • Easy control of the rinsing efficacy ; single use dispenser
  • Sterile solution
  • Does not require a specific use and/or maintenance (does not require a feed, piping or floodgate system so no more leaks)
  • Supplied with a protective box or anti-freeze box for outdoor locations.
  • Conforms with EU Standard EN15154-2
  • CE certified